About Medela

Medela is commonly recognized for our market leading breast pump portfolio. But at our core, Medela has been an innovator of medical vacuum technologies. We design uniquely innovative products in CardioThoracic Drainage, Breast and Enteral Feeding, Surgical Suction, Airway Suction and NPWT. Learn more by visiting our website

About Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

The introduction of NPWT has changed how acute and chronic wounds are treated and has become a standard for wound healing. But it can be burdensome for clinicians to manage in their facilities, limiting time at bedside with patients. Therefore, Medela offers solutions that simplify the delivery and management of NPWT, eliminating clinical and administrative complexity. Learn More.

Innovating the NPWT Standard of Care

The Medela Invia® NPWT System with Intelligent Pressure Control™ and Dynamic Exudate Removal™ technology removes fluid faster and more efficiently while maintaining the set pressure at the wound bed, innovating the standard of care. Read More.

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